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MaskButton .Net Component

MaskButton .Net Component Create any shape button you like with the MaskButton .Net Component MaskButton .Net Component the outline of the required button shape and where you want the button text displayed, MaskButton does the rest for you. All this information is contained in a simple image, called the mask image. Also you can select from different fill styles and choose any colors you like, even setting focus color and highlight color. Only two restrictions are imposed by the Mask Button on the mask image: The outline must be continuous

Ridorium Image Sorter 8.71: Image Sorter, Image sorter software, Image sorter tool and Image sorter program
Ridorium Image Sorter 8.71

Image Sorter - is the best software to Sort Image Files. Easily sort images with image file sorter and image sorter, automatic image sorter program and image sorter utility, image sorter software and the user-friendly image sorter tool. This image sorter can sort images by date. Also image sorter can sort images by time. Even more - image sorter program will sort image files using the hundreds of ways. Sort Images - Download image sorter!

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E.M. Multilayer Image Processing SDK 1.30: E.M. Multilayer Image Processing Software Development Kit
E.M. Multilayer Image Processing SDK 1.30

Images: Process multilayer images and make them together to create fancy pictures; Frame: Add a frame to a image; Text: Convert text to image, so that you can write what you want to say on your image; Mask: Mask effect to images; Shadow: All layers can be added shadow effect, it can show after the layer brings it or on the background; Image Process: Basal functions to process image as gray 、threshold 、blur 、stretch 、rotate and so on. Image

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Ridorium Image Organizer 6.81: Image Organizer, Automatic Image Organizer - Organize images now!
Ridorium Image Organizer 6.81

Image Organizer - is the best way to Organize Image Files. Easily organize images with image organizer software and image organizer tool, automatic image organizer program and professional image organizer system. Image organizer can organize images in your image collection. Also image organizer is designed to organize images in any folder. Image organizer has all to organize images by date, time, etc. Organize Images - Download image organizer!

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Photo Shaman 1.8T build 30

images with a pair of mouse clicks. Set new file format, compression, naming rules, image size and rotation angle. E-mail: send the processed images via e-mail. Picture frames: Create a stylized picture frame around your image. Add texture to the frame. Use 3D strength control to make the texture look three-dimensional. Modify texture color. Scale, rotate and shift the texture to position it on the frame. Add your own textures. Bevel: Create realistic

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Access Image 4.60

Access Image is image editing tool that offers a big set of painting and drawing tools. Features include dockable toolbars, special effects filters, RGB color separation, complete mask image support, multilevel undo, complete layer support, custom Brushes and AirBrushes, easy painting and retouching brushes, adjustable cropping and selection tools, animation effects, set of deformation tools, image viewer, batch conversion......

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PicPaks Packs objects into a background png image. Slices png images.

image has a transparent background. - The mask file also has a transparent background and objects are only packed into the mask where it is not transparent. Finished pictures can be saved as PNG files with transparency for use in other art drawing programs. Seamless tiles can also be quickly and easily created. PNG images containing multiple images can be split into individual images for PicPaks to use. Many options allow the program to re-size,

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